The Significance of Face Shape in Your Personality

Oval-shaped face Personality attributes associated with an oval face shape suggest that you are systematic, ambitious, practical and a high achiever. 

You don’t accept second best. You may also risk a lot of backlash for speaking out against injustice.

Square-shaped face Personality attributes associated with a square-shaped face show that you are stubborn, highly active and energetic, analytical, and quick-witted.

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You have been discovered to be extremely proactive, which implies that you take control of situations to get things done.

Heart-shaped face Personality attributes with a heart shape indicate that you have a rich, creativity, memory and strong intuition. 

Round-face shape Personality attributes associated with a round face suggest that you are soft-spoken, a people person, friendly, caring and giving 

These characteristics also cause you to be giving and helpful. You could enjoy assisting others. 

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