The Top 3 Zodiac-Inspired Tattoo Ideas You'll Love Most!

Aries: Heart Tattoo According to our Astrologer and Vastu expert Dr Aarti Dahiya, Aries are known for their independent, bold and fearless personality.

There’s no one more self-assured than the Aries tribe. The cardinal fire sign is known to act quickly on their passions and aren’t afraid to face the challenges.

Leo: Sun Tattoo Being one of the most extroverted members of the zodiac, Leo has a charm that naturally draws attention. 

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Our experts say that Leo is a generous, bold & arrogant sign who doesn’t bow in front of anyone. 

Scorpio: Constellation Tattoo According to our expert, Scorpio are loyal, honest and brave. Therefore, a simple constellation tattoo can reveal a lot about a Scorpion’s personality. 

Ask the tattoo artist to pepper the design with tiny hearts, stars, and planets. 

Get the tattooe on your shoulder to represent how you always have a shoulder to lean on. Or how you'll give them the cold shoulder if they betray you.

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