There are still two rare dime and a rare bicentennial quarter valued at $5 million each in circulation.

These rare coins are not just collector's items but have become the stuff of modern treasure hunts, still believed to be in circulation and waiting to be discovered. 

The intrigue around rare dimes centers primarily on their origin and unique characteristics.  

The two dimes in question are believed to be Roosevelt dimes minted under unusual circumstances or errors that make them one of a kind. 

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One such dime is the 1894-S Barber Dime, a legendary coin in the numismatic world. 

Only two such dimes are known to exist, both proof coins, making any discovery of a new one monumental. 

These rare dimes are not just valuable because of their age or the material from which they are made but due to their rarity and the stories behind them. 

Each coin is a historical artifact, a snapshot of the past, and a testament to the era in which it was created. 

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