This Summer's Travel Destinations Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Las Vegas Aries need excitement, so the many indulgences of the desert paradise of Las Vegas provide everything you’d want for a thrilling summer getaway. 

Vegas in the summertime can definitely hit some high temperatures, but as the zodiac’s cardinal fire sign, we think you can handle the heat.

Taurus: Malibu, California Tauruses love a touch of luxury, so the world-famous beaches of Malibu are the perfect place for you to get away this summer. 

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Gemini: Edinburgh Worldly planet Jupiter is in your sign for the year ahead, so make your getaway an international one and visit the historical and cosmopolitan city of Edinburgh.

Summer in Scotland is typically in a pleasantly temperate 60-degree range, so it’s easy to stay cool as you explore the gorgeous coastlines 

Cancer: Bhutan You might be craving a more spiritual getaway this summer, and your birthday season happens to be one of the best times

of the year to visit the quiet, peaceful, and restorative Kingdom of Bhutan.

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