Three further rare bicentennial quarters valued over $50 million USD and nearly $90 million.

One of the most celebrated bicentennial quarters is the 1976 Denver Mint (marked "D") quarter that boasts a remarkable dual mint error.  

This coin, originally part of a limited run to celebrate the United States' 200th anniversary, features a drummer boy on the reverse and was only minted for two years (1975-1976). 

The dual mint error on this quarter involves both a doubled die and an off-center strike.  

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Collectors prize these errors as they represent significant deviations from the norm, making the coin not only rare but also historically significant. 

With meticulous preservation, it has reached an estimated market value exceeding $50 million. 

Another highly coveted bicentennial quarter is the 1976 San Francisco Mint (marked "S") silver proof quarter.  

Unlike the standard copper-nickel clad quarters, this one is struck in 40% silver, originally intended for collectors rather than general circulation. 

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