Top Garden Hoses of 2024 You Need to Know About

To find the best options available, we tested 34 garden hoses over the last few years in The Lab and at our homes across the country. 

While testing hoses in our yards and gardens, we found that it's important to choose the right size. 

Make sure the hose you choose is the right length to reach all of the areas you need to water (with a little room to spare), doesn’t easily kink, and is easy to roll up and store. 

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Most hoses we tested are lightweight and flexible, so they are easy to drag around. 

In addition to watering our lawns, gardens, and plants, we tested each of these hoses on a hose reel and noted how well they rolled up and whether they ever kinked or leaked during testing. 

Each hose was evaluated on its ease of use, design, durability, and value, and we continue testing the winners for six months or more to make sure they are still performing well.  

After testing 34 garden hoses, the Zero-G Garden Hose remains our favorite.  

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