Unbelievable Details About the Moon You Were Aware Of

As our planet’s only permanent natural satellite, it significantly affects Earth’s tides, cultural stories, and scientific knowledge of the universe.

Natural Satellites of Other Planets Earth is accompanied by a single moon, but other planets in our Solar System boast numerous moons, 

with Jupiter claiming the highest known count. These natural satellites come in diverse sizes, compositions, and orbits, offering a wealth of information for studying

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Tidal Locking Tidal locking is the phenomenon that ensures the Moon always shows the same face to Earth during its orbit. 

This happens because the Moon’s rotation period is synchronized with its orbit period around Earth, a consequence of gravitational interactions over billions of years.

Lunar Highlands The lunar highlands are bright, rugged regions on the Moon’s surface, characterized by being heavily cratered 

and primarily composed of anorthosite, a rock type originating from the lunar magma ocean.

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