Unusual Bicentennial Quarter Approximately 29 Million USD: 9 Additional Pieces Worth Over 199,999

This article delves into the fascinating details of these coins, their historical significance, and what makes them so valuable. 

The Bicentennial quarter was issued in 1975-1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States' independence.  

These quarters were minted in large quantities and circulated widely, making them a common find in pocket change. 

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Among the millions of Bicentennial quarters minted, a small batch has garnered significant attention due to their unusual characteristics and impeccable condition.  

This coin features a rare minting error, making it an anomaly.  

Minting errors are highly sought after by collectors, especially when they are as pronounced and well-preserved as this one. 

As a Bicentennial coin, it already holds historical significance, commemorating a pivotal moment in American history. 

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