Unusual Bicentennial Quarter Worth Approximately $7500K: Five Additional Worth Over $10 Million USD

Among the many coins that collectors covet, some stand out for their historical significance, rare minting errors, or unique compositions.  

One such coin is the unusual Bicentennial Quarter, which has recently garnered attention for being worth approximately $7,500.  

This discovery has reignited interest in coin collecting and highlighted other exceptional coins worth millions. 

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Issued in 1976 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States, the Bicentennial Quarter features a unique design. 

The obverse side bears the familiar profile of George Washington, while the reverse showcases a Colonial drummer and a victory torch encircled by 13 stars. 

This design, by Jack L. Ahr, was a departure from the typical eagle design and became an instant collector's item. 

The particular Bicentennial Quarter worth $7,500 is distinguished by a rare minting error. 

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