When and where to see the best Leonid meteor shower in the UK as it peaks tonight

Known for its spectacular displays, the Leonid meteor shower is one of the most anticipated astronomical events of the year.  

The Leonid meteor shower occurs annually in November when Earth passes through the debris left by the comet Tempel-Tuttle. 

As these particles enter Earth's atmosphere at high speeds, they burn up, creating the bright streaks of light known as meteors. 

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The Leonids are named after the constellation Leo, as the meteors appear to radiate from this region of the sky.  

The peak of the Leonid meteor shower is expected tonight, offering the best chance to see the most meteors.  

For the best experience, start your observation around midnight and continue until the pre-dawn hours.  

During this time, the sky is darkest, and the radiant point in the constellation Leo is higher in the sky, increasing your chances of spotting meteors. 

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