Which Sith, According to Your Zodiac Sign, Are You?

Although many Sith in Star Wars movies and TV shows follow a similar pattern of apprentices seeking to overthrow their masters, they are incredibly unique characters.

Indeed, many of Star Wars' most powerful Sith are so much more than simply villains of pure evil.

With Darth Vader as an excellent example, the fall to the dark side is often a complicated path, corrupting even the most well-intentioned Jedi and other Force-users.

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This is true across the Star Wars timeline and in both canon and Legends stories. 

Of all the Sith in Star Wars, these 12 are the best matches for each of the Zodiac signs, not only because of their flaws but also because of their more nuanced stories.

In Star Wars, Darth Bane is something of a legend. Like most Sith outside of those depicted in the Skywalker Saga, Darth Bane's story 

in the franchise has been fairly complicated due to the franchise re-organizing the continuity and making the Expanded Universe 'Legends.'

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