With reference to your zodiac sign, which Beanie Baby are you?

Aries (March 21April 19) Aries folks are known for their vivacious nature, and are always ready to leap into fresh experiences, all caution thrown to the wind.

Just like Patti, a cherished member of the original Beanie Babies clan, Aries folks are often the pacesetters and born leaders of the horoscope.

Taurus (April 20May 20) Tauruses are steadfast, dependable, and won't shy away from the weightiest of burdens. 

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And they're also your best friend in times of crisis. Enter Humphrey, the perfect ally for those resolute souls personifying relentless perseverance. 

Gemini (May 21June 20) Geminis are known for their dynamic and expressive nature, and Garcia's tie-dyed fur perfectly represents their ever-changing and whimsical spirit. 

Cancer (June 21July 22) Cancer folks have a keen sense of intuition and a giant heart, which makes them the most dependable friends ever.

They are the real-life example of a safe space and they're always on standby to lend a shoulder (or a shell) to their loved ones in times of need.

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